Reports, minutes and more

This is an archive of important CRHC documents, including meeting minutes, policies/procedures and annual homeless reports.

Annual Homeless Reports

Every year, Capital Region Housing Collaborative and the city of Lansing work to produce a report describing the homeless situation in Ingham County. The PIT Count (or Point In Time Count) measures the number of homeless people in the area during one 24-hour period.

HUD CoC Program FY2023 System Performance

2016 Committee Accomplishments and Goals
Summary of the 2016 PIT Count
2016 PIT Count for subpopulations
2015 Homelessness Report
Summary of 2015 PIT Count

2017 Homelessness in Ingham County_print
Ingham County homelessness 2016 – final – booklet print
3 Year PIT totals (2016-18)


Meeting Minutes

Minutes will be uploaded after being approved.

Board Minutes

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CQI Minutes

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