CRHC occasionally holds training sessions. These are aimed towards staff of member or participating agencies and go over key concepts or practices that happen in CRHC. Please click on the session topic to be taken to the files for that presentation.


HUD’s chronic homelessness definition is a homeless individual who currently lives in a place not meant for human habitation, a safe haven, or in an emergency shelter and has been living in one of those three locations for at least the last 12 months, or on at least four separate occasions in the last three years where the combined occasion total at least 12 months. Also, the individual has a disability of long and continuous duration, substantially impeding the individual’s ability to live independently and which could be improved by the provision of housing.

The Chronically Homeless presentation is above. Also, here is a MCAH document which should be used to provide documentation of a client’s chronically homeless status.


The HARA is CRHC’s coordinated intake agency, which is housed at the VOA. More information on the HARA can be found here. The training presentation can be found above.


The Lansing Housing Commission has several housing programs, including public housing, HCV, PSH, and HUD-VASH. The above presentation goes into the requirements for public housing and HCV programs, how to apply for them, and how to check on your applications after applying.

Additionally, we also have copies of a LHC information flyer and the LHC landlord guidelines.


This training is for the Capital Region Housing Collaborative agency staff working with the Ingham County Coronavirus Relief Fund Eviction Diversion Program. It demonstrates the data entry steps for entering information into HMIS and is part of the required training curriculum for the program. Upon completion of the training video you need to contact Matt Stevenson, the HMIS System administrator for Ingham County, to notify him that you’ve completed the training. Email:

You will receive a response from Matt with a user name and password for the ServicePoint training site. You will then have to sign onto the training site and complete the steps of the workflow for one of the clients on the Incoming Outstanding Referrals count on the ServicePoint dashboard. After completing the test case, notify Matt to receive feedback about the entry. Once successfully completed you will be given access to the actual ServicePoint site.