Get Involved

There are many volunteer opportunities with our member agencies throughout the year.

Our biggest volunteer events are the Community Connect outreach event and Point in Time count.

Community Connect is held every fall. This is a one day, one stop event to provide a broad range of services to people experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. This is an all day event lasting from morning to mid-afternoon. It is a health and service fair historically held at Adado Park (or in inclement weather it has been held at Lansing Center). To learn more about getting involved, please contact the City of Lansing.

Point in Time Count is held at the end of January each year. This is an event where the CRHC member agencies partner with law enforcement and concerned community groups and individuals to search for our homeless neighbors and encourage them to get services.

Teams will go out in groups throughout the Lansing community to look for individuals staying outside and urge them to get warm in Lansing shelters. Children ages 15 and up may participate with parent/guardian.

The outreach starts at 10:00 p.m. and goes until 2:00 a.m. (or until the last team finishes).

Please contact our coordinator: capitalregionhousing1@gmail.com if you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities or to volunteer for these special events.