City of Lansing ESG


The city of Lansing offers Emergency Solutions Grants to network members. Any network member may apply for this funding.

The CRHC Grant application for the City ESG is due back to the Coordinator on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at noon.

The applications will be scored June 12, 2019 – June 14, 2019. The Fund meeting will take place Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 11 am at Advent House.

CRHC Grant Application- City ESG 2019-2020

The following program activities and allocation amounts were approved by the CoC Board for the City ESG grants that run July 1, 2019 thru June 30, 2020.

Street Outreach $5,028

Homeless Prevention $51,158

Shelter Operations $97,127

Homeless Management Information System $5,028 (HMIS Lead Agency)

Admin $11,918 (Grant Collaborative Applicant)

Please see the following websites for Laws, Regulator governance, and Grant Guidelines:

For additional information contact Katrina Urista or Toni Young at the 517 483-4477.



The total amount available for 2018 was $167,000.

Each program type needs a separate application. All applications are due by midnight on April 13th. The applications will be ranked at the April 20th Finance committee meeting, and their recommendations will be approved by the board on April 24th.
The 2018 ESG Applications can be found here.

The final 2018 City ESG amounts can be found here.

Other key documents include:

HUD’s rules and regulations for ESG funding can be found here.